Why Physician Advocacy is beyond Tele-medicine

Updated: Jun 8

There are many references to telemedicine online now, all due to the arrival of COVID-19. However, telemedicine by itself will leave you with financial exposure if not properly approached. Meaning, how is the lab work billed? What about prescription drugs? Telemedicine, 95% of the time, is only for the consultation over the phone, nothing past that.

Physician Advocacy goes above and beyond while including telemedicine. The physician acts as a concierge service for the best approach to medical treatment and billing. Meaning, the lab work will be included with $0 co-pays, all done from a walk-in service minutes from the employee's location under the physician's guidance. This will ensure a quick and efficient approach to superior health coverage. The employees have the option to use the physician as a primary doctor or for consultation purposes and 2nd opinions. The physicians work hand-in-hand with the Group plan to bring a higher expectation to the employee experience, all with the focus on eliminating the out-of-pocket-expense. It's the way coverage was meant to be - Health Insurance 2.0