Some pretty useful complimentary resources. . .

Ever wonder how much a particular surgery or medical procedure costs?  Ever wonder how much a certain prescription costs (or even how to find the best price)?  One of the problems with our healthcare and health insurance system is that they are very opaque which makes it hard for us as consumers to make smart decisions.  We've all heard stories (or personally experienced) of people getting extreme medical bills (how about $145,000+ for a pinky surgery??)


A big part of our goal is to provide people tools and knowledge to break through the opaqueness and, in turn, make smarter decisions on how to best maximize their benefits and coverage. Once people become empowered, we've discovered that they actually become excited about using their coverage.


Healthcare Bluebook is a pretty awesome resource. If you click on the link you will go to their site and see for yourself. You can search up just about any medical procedure, test or surgery you can think of and they'll show you what it should (and can) cost in your area.


GoodRX is a free tool you can use to find out the pricing of any prescription drug. It's kind of odd to think but, our healthcare system is so messed up you can oftentimes get better pricing for RX's by using an app. than you can by using your insurance. Click on the link above to go to their site.


Another pretty awesome resource. One of the biggest markups at the doctor's office is lab work. We've seen people charged $1,000 for labs that they could of done for $110 dollars elsewhere.

Check out the site and you can pull up and price most any lab test you can think of. They have locations all over the place so, chances are there is one close to you.

CustomInsured PODCAST

We have a two year old podcast we've been doing where we cover all sorts of aspects that relate to health insurance. Topics range from HMO vs. PPO to Direct Primary Care to The Pitfalls of Obamacare. Click on the link and take a look for yourself.

We actually received a rating of #1 HEALTH INSURANCE PODCAST TO FOLLOW.

By the way, in 2018 U.S. healthcare spending was $3.5Trillion. That amount is larger than the total economy size of all but 3 countries on earth: China, Germany and Japan.