Welcome to Health Insurance 2.0! The evolution of Group Healthcare!

We realize that the Group Health market has evolved to include virtual doctors addressing employee concerns quickly. An approach that will give your employees immediate access to a physician should the time arise. The employee can receive a diagnosis over a phone call (or virtual visit), with immediate direction on needed lab work or prescription drugs, all at the best price. No waiting in a crowded doctor's office for long periods of time. Support your team needs to lower employee financial exposure to $0. Welcome to Health Insurance 2.0!

Access to the best pricing within Healthcare

We value the opportunity to lower your employee out-of-pocket expense to $0 for their non-acute medical concerns. We have several tools in place to find the best coverage for the best price!

Plenty of Healthcare relevant content

Make sure to reference our podcasts and videos explaining our Customized approach to superior coverage. We will continue to upload content showing how our Group Health Plans are superior to a broken healthcare system. Welcome to Health Insurance 2.0!

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