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Employees are your most valuable asset. Taking care of them is taking care of your business

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can a small business compete against a larger employer’s health insurance when recruiting employees?

For most small businesses, their premium is reflective of the number of employees they have.  If you can create 1 pool for all employees to participate in, rather than a pool for each company,  you can create equality in premium pricing.  

  • Why are my renewal rates going up each and every year?

Insurers will assess the risk each and every year and make pricing adjustments to offset any claims brought on by the small business group.  So the more claims your employees have, the higher the premium will be for the following year.  Simply by labeling your employees as “individuals”, small businesses can help offset this phenomenon.  This allows the employees to be grouped in a large pool with other companies to offset that risk.   

  • How can I protect my employees from COVID-19?

We have customized a variety of health plans that allow your employees to avoid crowding and maintain social distancing.  We can do this through either unlimited virtual doctor visits or within our enhanced Physician Advocacy program.  Adaptation is key to finding the right health insurance solutions for your small business needs. 

  • What are the costs for a small business health plan?  

The pricing on plans will vary, depending on the age and type of plan the fits best with your small business needs.  Our basic standard plans, with comprehensive coverage, can start at $200 monthly. 

Small Business Health Plans

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