With a combined 15  years of experience in the industry, co-founders Cal Burgess and Dimic Robertson identified a need to provide cost-effective alternative solutions to small businesses and consumers who were not covered by the Healthcare Marketplace programs due to reasons such as costs, accessibility, provider choices and limited coverage.

CustomInsured provides viable health insurance plans with low deductibles and unrestricted networks. Additionally, both personal and group plans that provide catastrophic, accidental, outpatient, hospitalization/surgery, and dental with vision solutions that have been serving Texas for over 50 years are offered. 

With the arrival of COVID-19, the Group Health market has evolved to a new standard. For these reasons, we have upgraded our services to include Health Insurance 2.0 (click on the banner above) which reverses many legacy issues that small business employees have been fighting over the last decade, including lower premiums, less out-of-pocket expense, and stable renewal premiums.   Currently, there are 3 levels of coverage offered: Executive, Platinum, and Traditional PPO with additional add-ons and options fully customizable.