Small Business Health Plans

Employees are your most valuable asset. Taking care of them is taking care of your business.

Our customized approach provides superior coverage benefits for small businesses, self employed and contractors with:








Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can a small business compete against a larger employer’s health insurance when recruiting employees?

For most small businesses, their premium is reflective to the number of employees they have.  If you can create one pool for all employees to participate in, rather than a pool for each company, you can create equality in premium pricing.  

  • Why are my renewal rates going up each and every year?

Small businesses are disproportionately affected by renewal rates.  Traditional plans re-rate the premiums each year at renewal.  That means that anytime someone uses their coverage, everyone's rates go up!

  • How can I protect my employees from COVID-19?

We have customized a variety of health plans that allow your employees to avoid crowding and maintain social distancing.  We can do this through either unlimited virtual doctor visits or within our enhanced Physician Advocacy program.  Adaptation is key to finding the right health insurance solutions for your small business needs. 

  • What are the costs for a small business health plan?  

The pricing on plans will vary, depending on the age and type of plan the fits best with your small business needs.  Our basic standard plans, with comprehensive coverage, can start at $200 monthly. 

Superior benefits with a customized approach


Coverage built from the ground up

  • Traditional Group and Major Medical plans are outdated.

  • PPO only benefits provide access to any doctor or facility, nationwide

  • One-Size-Fits all plans are not a good fit for self employed and small business

  • Design the plan that is best for you with options such as Dental, Vision, Zero Deductible, Concierge doctor, Cash Back prescription benefits and more.


  • Complimentary, no obligation online quote

  • State of the art approach stabilizes premiums and renewal rates

  • Minimize employee out of pocket exposure by lowering copays and deductibles

  • Access to any doctor, hospital, medical facility or dentist

Coverage to count on

Unparalled Benefits

Coverage options catered to you

  • Turnkey coverage you can keep year in and year out

  • State of the art approach combines benefits unavailable anywhere else

  • Our coverage has evolved to meet Covid-19 and any future threats head-on

  • Unlimited TeleDoctor visits

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The CustomInsured Advantage

 Preventive care

Receive extensive discounts

Video visits with Doctor on Demand

All plans include preventive care at no additional cost with in-network doctors to encourage good health.

Receive extensive discounts for inpatient and outpatient services, including Dental and Vision.

No waiting for an appointment. Get care 24x7 from your phone or PC.

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